Cape Point

It may not be the southernmost point of Africa – that honour goes to Cape Agulhas – but Cape Point certainly makes you feel as if you are standing at the edge of the world.

Cape Point is a spectacular sight, covered in endemic fynbos and home to breath-taking bays, beaches and rolling green hills and valleys, just 60km outside of Cape Town.

Look out, too, for pelagic birds of which there are a large variety, zebra, eland, and the many species of reptiles and small mammals. Chacma baboons are common here, especially at the point itself.

Don’t be tempted to feed the baboons and rather stay well away, as they can be aggressive.

Plan a picnic in the park or on the beach, hike or mountain bike, have lunch at the spectacular Two Oceans Restaurant or simply catch The Flying Dutchman funicular to some superb lookout points over the ocean.

Apart from the spectacular view, you’ll be able to see the most powerful lighthouse on the South African coast, which helps guide ships safely through perilous waters that have seen to the end of many a vessel.